FreeSync monitors hit mass production, coming in Jan-Feb

Among other things, AMD's Catalyst Omega driver announcement has given us an update of sorts on the status of FreeSync. AMD told us in August that the first FreeSync panels would be out in early 2015, and the company looks set to keep that schedule.

FreeSync displays have entered the mass production and validation stage, AMD tells us. The first commercial offerings are now scheduled for a launch in the January-February time frame. We'll still have to wait until March for Samsung's FreeSync-enabled UHD monitors, though.

AMD says that, from the point of view of display makers, there's "not much you need to do" to support FreeSync other than comply with the DisplayPort 1.2a standard's Adaptive-Sync specification. Nonetheless, the chipmaker mentioned some "secret sauce" that we'll learn more about in January or February. Hmm.

I'm guessing we'll have at least some fresh details early next month, since AMD and its partners plan to have FreeSync monitors on display at CES. Scott will be at the show, so stay tuned.

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