SimCity 2000 is free on Origin right now

EA has gotten into the habit of giving away PC games as part of Origin's new "On the House" program. We were treated to Battlefield 3 earlier this year, and now, the latest freebie is the classic SimCity 2000.

If that screenshot doesn't send you sailing down memory lane, then EA's pitch might:

This classic title goes way beyond building a city. You’ll be laying down districts, assuring everyone has power and water, acting as the mayor, and making sure to keep your citizens happy, healthy, and wealthy. The game’s iconic art style will transport you back in time.

The first sequel to the original SimCity, SimCity 2000 came out on the PC, Mac, and Amiga in 1994 before eventually making its way to consoles like the Nintendo 64. I remember going to a friend's house to play it on their Mac Performa when we were kids—and having a lot of fun with the natural disasters feature.

You can get your free copy of SimCity 2000 right here. EA doesn't quote an expiry date for the deal, but it says On the House specials can "appear and disappear at any time." So don't wait too long.

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