Rumor: GeForce GTX 960 coming next month

Nvidia could be weeks away from unveiling a new mid-range card graphics based on the Maxwell architecture. SweClockers reports that a GeForce GTX 960 will premiere at CES next month and will hit stores soon after, "probably towards the end of the same month."

Rather than being a pared-down version of the GeForce GTX 970, the GTX 960 will reportedly feature a new GPU: the GM206. SweClockers didn't glean a lot of details about the chip itself, but it says the GTX 960 will have a 128-bit memory interface, 2GB of GDDR5 RAM, and a price tag in the $249-299 range.

I haven't seen other rumor mongers chime in yet, but a look at e-tail listings tells me SweClockers may be right. The GeForce GTX 770, which the GTX 960 looks set to supplant, is clearly in short supply at Newegg. The e-tailer has only seven models listed, out of which all but one are out of stockā€”and the one available model is marked up a fair bit.

Unless the holiday shopping season has been particularly brutal, I'd say shipments of GTX 770 cards could be winding down to make room for new blood.

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