Are these Intel's first Broadwell NUCs?

Intel's new Broadwell architecture premiered with the Core M earlier this fall. Now, it's on its way to ultrabooks—and, by the looks of it, NUC mini-PCs. FanlessTech reports that Intel has updated its NUC page with glimpses of what could be the first Broadwell-powered NUCs:

As the site points out, the systems feature yellow "sleep-and-charge" USB ports. This board shot reveals what looks like a pair of M.2 connectors for mini solid-state drives.

The first Haswell-based NUCs showed up about three months after Haswell's release, so if these are indeed Broadwell units, they're right on schedule. Given how happy Intel seems to be with NUC growth, I hope we'll see a greater variety of systems and some more interesting designs this time around.

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