Carmack on APIs

— 2:29 PM on August 20, 2001

The Carmack has spoken in the Slashdot forums, again. This time on the D3D vs OpenGL depate. Even though a lot of what he says is over our heads, we'll pay attention anyway. It's a good read if you're interested in APIs and graphics programming in general, but what I find most interesting is the following.

I'm still developing everything with OpenGL, and I'm still targeting mac and linux as well as windows, but I want to rationally address some points in the API debate:
Despite Loki's filing, and the obviously diminutive Mac gaming market, Carmack still develops for the Linux and Mac platform. Obviously not about the money, this is either just an excuse for him to flex his programming muscles, or a good way to support and encourage platform diversity in the market. Either way, I'm impressed. It's a pity that other programmers don't have the freedom or ability to pursue that kind of cross platform development.
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