Oculus acquisitions bring computer vision expertise

Oculus continues to acquire talent and technology. Yesterday, the firm announced three major additions to its team.

The first is Nimble VR, which has been working on low-latency skeletal hand tracking for virtual reality applications. Nimble developed a depth sensor that snaps onto the front of the Oculus dev kit, and the associated Kickstarter page claims the tech delivers the best hand tracking in the world. Here's a demo showing off the system's low latency:

Nimble's Kickstarter project was canceled yesterday, but the technology will presumably live on in Oculus products. A hand-tracking accessory for the eventual retail headset could be in the cards.

The other company added to Oculus' stable is 13th Lab, which specializes in computer vision. According to Oculus, 13th Lab has been working on "an efficient and accurate real-time 3D reconstruction framework" that creates virtual models from real-world objects

Last, but not least, NYU computer science prof and motion-capture specialist Chris Bregler is joining Oculus to "direct a vision research team." Bregler has worked for both Disney Feature Animation and Industrial Light and Magic, and his film credits include "visual tracking" work on The Lone Ranger and Star Trek Into Darkness. Like the folks at Nimble and 13th Lab, Bregler will be wrapping up his other projects to work on Oculus stuff full-time.

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