Deal of the week: a 27'' IPS monitor for $180 and a 1TB MLC SSD for $370

Retailers are still recovering from their Black Friday binges, but that hasn't stopped us from finding some nice deals that should appeal to PC enthusiasts.

  • Best Buy is selling a 27" LG IPS monitor for only $179.99 right now. The display's 1080p resolution is a little low for the panel size, and the specs aren't anything to write home about. The user reviews are overwhelmingly positive, though. This looks like a decent option for budget-minded folks who want a slightly larger display.
  • This week's SSD deals are led by a new candidate, Mushkin's Enhanced Reactor 1TB, which is only $369.99 at Newegg. The drive combines MLC NAND with a Silicon Motion controller, and it's the cheapest terabyte-class SSD by a fair margin. Other discounted SSDs this week include AMD's Radeon R7 240GB for $119.99 and PNY's Optima 240GB for $80 after a $20 mail-in rebate. The Radeon SSD has a longer four-year warranty, and it should be a fair bit faster than the Optima overall.
  • This next deal is as much of a discount as a warning. Newegg is selling Toshiba's DT01ACA300 3TB hard drive for just $81.99 after promo code 1208TECMAS144. The drive has a 7,200-RPM spindle speed, and it seems like a steal, but a worrying number of one-star Newegg reviews complain of DOA units and premature failures. Similar complaints can be found in the Amazon reviews, albeit in smaller numbers. I wouldn't recommend running these outside of a fault-tolerant RAID array.
  • If you somehow haven't managed to acquire the latest Batman games, Bundle Stars has the complete Arkham series for only $9.99. The collection includes DLC-infused "game of the year" editions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City in addition to Arkham Origins and its associated content packs. I've played all three, and they're excellent.

The deals above are only a sampling of what's available online. We've probably missed a few attractive discounts, so feel free to add any you find in the comments below.

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