Passively cooled Bay Trail board has full-sized slots, microATX footprint

Intel's Bay Trail SoC has popped up on another PC motherboard. Unlike most implementations, which stick to the Mini-ITX form factor, Biostar's J1900MH2 opts for a larger microATX footprint with plenty of room for full-sized slots, extra expansion options, and a beefy passive heatsink.

Source: Biostar

As its name implies, the board is powered by the Celeron J1900, a quad-core Bay Trail variant with 2GHz base and 2.4GHz burst frequencies. Two full-sized DDR3 DIMM slots tap into the SoC's dual memory channels, while three expansion slots hang off the chip's PCIe controller. One of those slots has a physical x16 connector, but don't get your hopes up—each of the PCIe slots is limited to a single lane of Gen2 connectivity. Bay Trail only has four PCIe lanes built in.

The chip's fourth PCIe lane is devoted to a Realtek Gigabit Ethernet chip. Dual SATA 3Gbps ports are available for internal storage, and there's a SuperSpeed USB port for fast external drives. You also get dual USB 2.0 ports at the back and a header for two more on the board. Video outputs include HDMI and VGA.

ASRock offers a similar microATX Bay Trail model for only $69.99, so I'd expect Biostar's take on the concept to be likewise affordable. The extra slots make the board an intriguing option for a low-power DVR loaded with multiple TV tuner cards.

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