Gigabyte's three-way GTX 980 costs more than most PCs

Remember Gigabyte's insane Waterforce GTX 980? You know, the one with three hot-clocked GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards hooked up to an external liquid cooling unit? The over-the-top creation first appeared online last month, and it's now available for sale. Asking price: $3000 at Newegg.


Three grand buys the cards, each of which is connected to its own radiator, plus the external module, a handful of accessories, and a giant suitcase to hold it all. Here's a video of how everything comes together:

The setup isn't as slick as one might expect from a $3000 solution, but at least all the plumbing is sealed at the factory. That's a small consolation given the price tag, though to be fair, liquid-cooled GTX 980s aren't exactly cheap. EVGA's GTX 980 Hydro Copper is priced at $800 for just the card and water block, and third-party blocks are over $100 on their own. Both of those approaches still require a separate radiator, pump, and tubing—plus the time to put it all together.

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