Saitek is making a custom controller for Farming Simulator

Saitek offers a full lineup of custom controller hardware for flight sims. The firm has everything from combat-ready joysticks to yoke-and-throttle combos pulled from a Cessna. Its latest project is a little different, though. Saitek is developing a custom controller for the Farming Simulator series.

I can't even.

Source: Saitek

Unlike the setups one might use with conventional driving games, this one is tuned specifically for heavy machinery. The center-sprung wheel is tilted at a relatively shallow angle. Thanks to a suicide knob at the top, drivers operators can spin through the 900 degrees of rotation with only one hand. That leaves the other hand free for the separate side panel, which includes a joystick for loaders and other vehicle attachments. There's a separate pedal set, as well.

According to Steam's stats, Farming Simulator 2015 has about as many players right now as Civilization: Beyond Earth, Far Cry 4, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I can't find any specifics on sales figures, but the series is reportedly quite popular in Europe—and apparently a big enough deal to justify its own controller.

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