Join us this evening for a bonus TR live stream

Since Jordan's not available, our plan has been to put The TR Podcast on hiatus until 2015. That seems like an awfully long time to wait, though, and I might have a few things to say about Scotty's First Phone Review. I also expect that some of you might enjoy popping into a live stream and having the chance to ask TR's editors about pretty much anything.

So let's do this. Tonight at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT, we'll fire up a live stream on our Twitch channel. We'll take random tech questions from the chat, talk about our iPhone 6 and 6 Plus review, and just hang out for a while.

Come join us if you can. If you can't, feel free to post your questions for the panel below, and we'll try to address them in the stream. We'll then post the video to YouTube for viewing later.

Here's our last episode, for those who missed it:

If you'd like to be notified when we're recording, follow us on Twitch or simply follow me on Twitter. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive notices when we post videos there.

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