Gigabyte's wireless scissor-switch keyboard still has gaming chops

When a company like Gigabyte introduces a new gaming keyboard these days, chances are the thing has mechanical key switches. Not so with Gigabyte's Force K7, which combines laptop-style scissor switches with wireless connectivity—yet still manages not to skimp too much on gamer-friendly extras.

The Force K7 doesn't have full n-key rollover, but it does have partial ghosting prevention. Gigabyte says you can press the Q, W, A, S, and D keys along with left shift and space "without conflict." The keyboard also features a special lock key that disables the Windows key, so you don't get bumped out of games accidentally.

Other features of note include a couple of wheels, which control audio volume and (for some reason) zoom levels; a Fn key that enables secondary F-key shortcuts (like media controls and, apparently, Facebook and Twitter shortcuts); plus an extended palm rest to make typing and gaming more comfortable.

Gigabyte's news release doesn't quote a price for the Force K7, but the scissor switches make me think it won't break the bank. Too bad about that L-shaped enter key and the correspondingly tiny backspace key, though. I, uh, prefer my backspaces full-sized.

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