Report: Jumbo Chromebooks are coming next year

Since their inception, Chromebooks have remained thin, light, and compact—more like ultrabooks than desktop replacements. That may change next year. DigiTimes says it's learned from supply-chain sources that both Acer and Dell have 15.6" Chromebooks in the pipeline.

These jumbo Chromebooks are expected to cost less than $300 and to feature Broadwell-U processors, the ultrabook-bound siblings of the Core M. The Acer system will be out in March 2015, DigiTimes says, while the Dell model has a looser "first half of 2015" release time frame.

The site adds that Google itself has set the $300 ceiling for 15.6" Chromebooks. Systems "with the processor of Core i3 performance" can be priced as high as $299, which DigiTimes notes is still $50 cheaper than comparable Windows machines.

14" Chromebooks have been around for some time, so 15.6" technically isn't a huge step up. It does seems awfully big for a Chromebook, though, given the limitations of Google's browser-centric operating system—and the fact that Chromebooks can beam video content to HDTVs via Chromecast, which probably removes part of the impetus for large screen sizes.

Also, if they're going to cost less than $300, you just know these things will have 1080p panels. Ugh.

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