Don't hold your breath for GPU process shrinks, report suggests

The folks over at WCCFtech have posted an interesting story about the latest AMD and Nvidia graphics roadmaps. Quoting an apparently reliable source, the site roughly maps out the next year or two of GPU process shrinks—and the news isn't good.

AMD, it says, has delayed its first 20-nm GPUs by "about two months" from a February-March release time frame to an April-May one. WCCFtech blames the delay on Qualcomm and Apple, which are "gobbling up the limited early 20nm capacity."

Nvidia, meanwhile, is rumored to have skipped the 20-nm node altogether. If I'm reading this right, WCCFtech says the company will only move away from 28 nm in 2016 with the launch of its first 16-nm GPU. That launch may not happen early in the year, either, given "TSMC's own projected 16nm wafer revenue."

Good thing there's some life left in the 28-nm node still. WCCFtech says AMD will unveil new versions of Tonga and Hawaii early next year, while a GM200 chip is expected from Nvidia some time in 2015. There's no word on the GM200's specs, but previous reports suggest the chip could have higher performance per watt than the GK210, the "Big Kepler" GPU inside the new Tesla K80.

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