Iiyama to offer FreeSync upgrade for existing 4K monitor

Update: Well, so much for that. Steve Kilroy, Iiyama's senior account manager for the UK, hasn't heard of the FreeSync upgrade. The Overclockers UK listing is in error, he says.

The first FreeSync monitors aren't due until early 2015, but one has already worked its way online—sort of. Overclockers UK is selling a 28" Iiyama ProLite display that promises future support for AMD's variable refresh scheme. Here's the relevant snippet from the product description:

Also this monitor will support the upcoming AMD/VESA FREESYNC Technology and iiyama will offer a free of charge upgrade service to upgrade your iiyama 4k monitor to support VESA Adaptive Sync for no charge, you will just have to cover shipping charges. Iiyama will release details of this in the near future, but buy in confidence now as iiyama have the first FREESYNC supported monitor and its available now.

Interesting. The mention of shipping charges suggests the FreeSync upgrade involves more than just a firmware download. However, it's unclear whether users will be able to perform the upgrade themselves or if they'll have to send the display to Iiyama for service. There are no references to FreeSync on the official product page, so we've asked the company for clarification.

The monitor in question is the ProLite B2888UHSU-B1, a 28" unit with a 3840x2160 resolution. The maximum refresh rate is advertised as 60Hz, but the display also has an "OverDrive" function designed to eliminate blurriness with "very fast graphics."

Source: Iiyama

Otherwise, the ProLite looks fairly conventional. The panel is based on TN tech, and Overclockers UK claims it has 10-bit color reproduction (likely with the assistance of dithering). Other specifications include a 300-cd/m² brightness rating, 1000:1 typical contrast ratio, and 1-ms response time. The stand is adjustable, there's a VESA mount on the back, and video inputs abound. A SuperSpeed USB hub is integrated, too.

Overclockers UK is selling the ProLite for £390 ($607 USD with a straight exchange-rate conversion), which is a fair bit cheaper than the asking price for any of the 4K G-Sync displays in the retailer's stable. The G-Sync monitors all offer out-of-the-box support for variable refresh rates, though. We still don't know exactly what Iiyama's FreeSync upgrade entails or when it will be available. Thanks to Expreview for the tip.

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