1. Computer games linked to learning problems? (thanks BooTs)
  2. EverythingUSB on Sony CRX1750U/A2 USB 2.0 CD-RW drive
    and Canon Powershot G2 (4-MP digital camera)
  3. Electic Tech on Panasonic CQ-DP171U CD/MP3 player/receiver
  4. PC Hardware's 'Master a Network' series: data link layer
  5. TweakTown previews Windows XP
  6. eWeek reports that Windows XP gold code release just days away (thanks rand)
  7. Ticker Technologies introduces "Market Snapshot" products
  8. TheWorkCircuits has a story on fractal machines (thanks rand)
  9. Overclocker Cafe holds 2CoolPC coolers drawing

  1. EDTN reports that die size may limit 1GHz-plus designs (thanks rand)
  2. Tyan Tiger MP product page and PDF (thanks SocketA)
  3. SiliconStrategies on IBM's Summit chipset for upcoming Itanium MPUs (thanks rand)
  4. AMDZone, FiringSquad, Hexus, NewsForge, and SourceMagazine review Duron 1GHz
  5. VTR-Hardware's P4 1.4GHz vs. Athlon 1.13GHz comparison (in French)
  6. Digit Life reviews VIA C3 and VIA PLE133 motherboards
  7. AnandTech's Socket A chipset roundup

  1. Electic Tech has Asus beta drivers based on Detonator 14.10
    and NVIDIA Detonator 14.70 drivers for GeForce2 Go and NV11M only
  2. t-break reviews Hercules Fortissimo II
  3. Digit Life's storage digest
  4. Futurelooks reviews Palm m505 color PDA
  5. Dan's Data reviews Xitel MD-Ports
Cases and cooling

  1. The Triple Helix reviews Directron black hydraulic case
  2. Overclockers Online reviews Windtunnel III case
  3. GiBTEK reviews Dragon DX-01BD case
  4. Extreme Overclocking's CompuNurse temperature probe review & mod
  5. SystemLogic reviews Vantec 6035D copper and aluminum heatsinks
  6. GamePC chills with Socket A performance coolers
  7. Rojak Pot reviews 1CoolPC Video-1-120 graphics card cooler
  8. bluescreenofdeth reviews Tweakmonster's copper RAMsinks
  9. TweakTown reviews Antec Jet Cool HSF
  10. 3dXtreme on applying Arctic Silver II
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