The Talos Principle sentences pirates to eternity in an elevator

A few years ago, Serious Sam 3 developer Croteam punished pirates with the "immortal fast scorpion," an unkillable enemy that effectively halted their progress through the game. In its latest title, The Talos Principle, Croteam has taken a somewhat gentler approach. Instead of hunting down players with dual assault rifles, it locks them in an elevator at a critical moment—and just leaves them there.

Well played, Croteam. Well played.

The trap was discovered after an apparent pirate took to the Steam forums seeking help to escape the stalled elevator. That thread has since disappeared, but it's preserved at NeoGAF, which adds that a reference to piracy group Skidrow appears just before the elevator. Bonus points to Croteam for calling its shot.

If you want to see what lies beyond the elevator, The Talos Principle is 10% off on Steam right now. There's also a free demo "public test" that includes four levels and a built-in benchmark.

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