Apple still leads PC satisfaction index but cedes phones to Samsung

According to the latest numbers from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, folks are more satisfied with Apple's personal computers than they are with those from any other vendor. However, the iPhone maker lost ground in the "cellular telephone" space, ceding the number-one spot to rival Samsung.

Cupertino leads much of the PC pack by a wide margin, but its satisfaction score dropped to 84, down three points from 2014. That's still much better than Acer and Dell at 76, Toshiba at 75, and HP at 74. All four of those contenders also scored lower than last year, though Acer only lost a single point, compared to 3-6 for its competitors.

Interestingly, satisfaction in smaller PC makers that comprise the "all others" category increased from 76 to 82, beating all the big names but Appleā€”and the industry as a whole. Asus and Lenovo aren't listed individually, so they're presumably part of that group.

Apple lost two points on the cellular smartphone front, falling from 81 to 79. More surprisingly, perhaps, it gave up the number-one spot to Samsung, whose satisfaction score rose from 76 to 81. That's an impressive leap considering how many Samsung handsets are saddled with its TouchWiz UI.

Bucking the overall trend in personal computers, smartphone satisfaction was generally up this year. Apart from Apple, the major players improved or held steady versus 2013. However, satisfaction in the "all others" category dropped five points. That group includes everyone but Apple, Nokia, Motorola/Google, HTC, BlackBerry, and LG.

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