What were your top games this past year?

Lots of folks like to produce lists of their top games released during a calendar year as that year draws to a close. Thanks to discount mechanisms like the Steam sales and the Humble Bundles, though, I think many of us are plowing time into games well after their initial releases. Also, heck, many MMOs and free-to-play games have a totally different lifespan.

So my question for you today is this: what were the top games that you played in 2014, regardless of when they first came out?

Any of them good enough or influential enough in 2014 to deserve "game of the year" consideration? I think there are only about 31 slots for the GOTY title each year, so choose wisely!

Personally, I put my time this year into a lot of games, including finishing ye olde Mirror's Edge and the Tomb Raider reboot. I'm part-way into both Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Wolfenstein: The New Order. I finished my first Telltale game, The Wolf Among Us, which was different and interesting. And I burnt a lotta hours on mobile with the Kingdom Rush series. I also sampled too many games to list, including Alien: Isolation, Watch_Dogs, Thief, Guild Wars 2, Assassin's Creed Unity, and... yeah, too many to list. How about you?


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