LG intros ultra-wide FreeSync monitor

LG has introduced a collection of new PC monitors ahead of next week's Consumer Electronics Show. The most intriguing one for enthusiasts is arguably the 34UM67, an ultra-wide 34" display with FreeSync support.

Source: LG

The fact that the 34UM67 supports AMD's variable-refresh tech is just about all we know about the display. LG's press release confirms the screen's 21:9 aspect ratio, but it's devoid of details on the resolution, panel type, and range of supported refresh rates. There's no word on pricing or availability, either.

More information is available on LG's other new monitors, which include a curved ultra-wide unit dubbed the 34UC97. This 34-incher has an IPS panel that purportedly covers 99% of the sRGB color space. The 3440x1440 resolution is fairly typical for that screen size.

For those who prefer a more squarish aspect ratio, LG is rolling out the 31MU97, whose 4096x2160 resolution works out to 19:10. Those proportions are still a bit unusual, but they're a natural fit for digital cinema applications, which call for the higher 4K resolution. The 31MU97 boasts 99.5% Adobe sRGB coverage, according to LG, but there's no mention of the panel type.

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