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Another week, another poll. Before we get into the new topic, however, let's look at last week's results. It would seem we have a lot of Intel fanboys hiding in the closet, as 33% of you are most looking forward to the 2GHz Pentium 4. AMD's desktop Palomino comes in with 23%, followed by NVIDIA's nForce chipset at 20%. Next up is AMD's 760MPX chipset with 12% of your votes, and ATI's new graphics part with 6%. Rounding out the bottom of the list is Creative's new Audigy line of sound cards with a paltry 1%, and Intel's 845 chipset only registering a handful of votes.

Odd how Intel comes out at both ends of the spectrum.

Taking a break from controversy, this week's poll asks the following:

How many different computers do you actually use at home?
Do you have enough machines sucking power at home to brown out your block? Do you just use computers only at work or school? Are you somewhere in the middle? Let us know, go vote!
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