The PC games of 2015: 418 titles previewed

"PC gaming is dying" said a lot of people with big megaphones and bad analytical skills over the years, especially two or three years ago, when the sentiment was especially fashionable. Since then, well, their wrongness has become more obvious.

You can drink in the full scope of that error by browsing through Rock, Paper, Shotgun's massive preview of 418 upcoming PC games, most of which are scheduled for release in 2015-ish. The list is divided into genres and starts out pretty heavy on adventure games, but press on, and you'll find lots of entries for all sorts of genres.

There are some very familiar faces present, like Day Z, that aren't technically at final release status but have been public for some time. Still, in total, the list is packed with new and interesting games. The variety of the indie and Kickstarter-backed titles is almost overwhelming. 2015 may also see the release of big names like Star Wars Battlefront, The Division, and Battleborn, all major titles with promise and potential originality on tap.

Here's hoping PC gaming will continue to die in spectacular fashion like this for years to come.

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