Deal of the week: A 1080p IPS display for $110, and more

2014 was a great year for discounted PC hardware, and 2015 is off to a good start. Here are the deals that caught my eye this morning.

  • Newegg is selling Dell's 21.5" S2240M for only $109.99 after promo code EMCPWPH32. This 1080p display is fairly basic, and the specs aren't anything to write home about. You'll also need to supply your own DVI cable. The user reviews are generally positive, though, with plenty of praise for the picture quality. One can only ask so much of a display in this price range.
  • Memory got more expensive in 2014, but Newegg is kicking off the new year with nice discounts on a couple of G.Skill kits. It's selling a Ripjaws X Series DDR3-1600 2 x 8GB combo is for $118.99 after promo code EMCPWPH28 and a Ripjaws 4 Series DDR4-2666 4 x 4GB bundle for $217.99 with promo code EMCPWPH26. Both kits have relatively relaxed timings—10-10-10-30 for the DDR3 and 16-16-16-36 for the DDR4—and taller heat spreaders. They also come with lifetime warranty coverage.
  • Need a new graphics card to make the most of your haul from the Steam Holiday Sale? A hot-clocked PowerColor Radeon R9 280 is on sale at Newegg for just $149.99 after a $30 mail-in rebate. The GPU's 960MHz boost clock is a little higher than AMD's refrence frequency, and I see a bunch of copper heatpipes poking out of the dual-fan cooler. Keep in mind that the R9 280 doesn't support FreeSync, though. This card also lacks the game bundle typically included with R9 280 cards.
  • SSD prices are likely to continue their downward spiral into 2015. To start the year, Newegg has Mushkin's Enhanced Chronos 480GB marked down to $164.99, which works out to $0.34 per gig. If that's a little rich for your budget, OCZ's ARC 100 240GB is discounted to $79.99 after a $20 mail-in rebate. That one is only $0.33/GB.
  • Battlefield 4 doesn't get to participate in Steam sales, but GameStop is selling the shooter for only $4.99 (thanks HardForum). Although the game's single-player campaign is a little too Call of Duty for my tastes, the multiplayer is phenomenal—and easily worth five bucks on its own.

As always, feel free to add any deals you spot to the comments below.

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