OS-agnostic smartphone works with Android, Windows, and Mozilla OS

Most smartphones are designed to work with only one operating system, but Alcatel OneTouch has created a family of Pixi 3 handsets capable of running Android, Windows Phone, and Firefox OS. The OS-agnostic devices will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

Alcatel OneTouch is apparently saving a few surprises for the show, because the press release announcing the Pixi 3 is particularly light on details. The Pixi 3 boasts 4G LTE connectivity and comes in 3", 4.5", and 5" variants, but that's all we know about it. There's no word on the underlying hardware, which versions of each OS are supported, or when the Pixi 3 will be available. Nothing in the press release suggests the Pixi 3 is capable of hosting multiple operating systems simultaneously, so dual- or triple-booting is probably out of the question.

In related news, HP recently sold the Palm trademark (PDF) to Wide Progress Global Limited, a company based out of the Virgin Islands that appears closely tied to Alcatel. The transfer document was signed by Nicolas Zibell, Vice President of Wide Progress Global Limited. Zibell also happens to be President of Alcatel OneTouch's U.S. operations.

LG still owns WebOS, so I doubt we'll see the former Palm operating system added to the Pixi's menu. That said, the Palm brand could eventually be associated with mobile devices that work with multiple operating systems. Thanks to The Verge for the tip.

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