MSI's mechanical gaming notebook has dual GPUs, quad M.2 slots

Remember MSI's monstrous Titan GT80 gaming notebook—the one with a mechanical keyboard based on Cherry's MX brown switches? MSI teased the desktop replacement system in October, and we now know a little bit more about it.

Source: MSI

As one might expect, the Titan has formidable graphics horsepower. Dual GeForce GTX 980M GPUs lurk under the hood. Each one sits on a separate MXM card, opening the door to future graphics upgrades.

In addition, the Titan can accommodate up to four solid-state drives in a RAID 0 configuration. Those drives are limited to the M.2 form factor, and RAID support is likely contingent on the use of SATA-based drives. As far as I know, Intel's chipset drivers don't support RAID arrays with PCIe-based SSDs.

Intel provides the CPU—a Core i7-4980HQ, according to PC Perspective—and the system can be configured with up to 32GB of RAM. The memory and M.2 slots are all accessible, as is a separate 2.5" hard drive bay. Starting price: a wallet-busting $3299.

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