A big thanks to KickAss Gear

Today's Duron 1GHz review came down to the wire for us, thanks to a little early arrival around my house. Andy did a great job writing the review, but it wouldn't have been possible for us to finish testing in time without the rush delivery of a Celeron 900 from our hardware sponsors, Dr. John and the gang at KickAss Gear. I can't say enough about the quality of the service these guys provide, and I recommend giving them serious consideration for your PC hardware needs.

More specifically, if you are looking to buy a computer rather than build one, Dr. John & company build "hand-crafted PC gaming machines" that are "overclocked and ready to rock" with an extensive 2-year parts and labor warranty¬óthe ultimate back-to-school present. Much better than cookie-cutter boxes from Dell or Gateway.

I should also note that the Celeron 900 wasn't exactly standard fare for the KickAss Gear folks to provide. I remarked to Dr. John that I was surprised how (relatively) slow the Duron was in places, and he replied, "if you think Durons are slow, wait till you bench that Celeron!" He wasn't kidding. I'm sure that's why KickAss Gear doesn't sell Celeron rigs. They usually provide gear that does, in fact, kick ass.

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