HP's new high-PPI displays include 4K and 5K units

HP introduced a trio of high-PPI displays at the Consumer Electronics Show today. The flagship is easily the Z27q (PDF), whose 27" panel boasts a "5K" resolution with 14.7 million pixels.

The Z72q. Source: HP

When spread over the 27" diagonal, the 5120x2880 resolution works out to 218 PPI, the same pixel density as the 5K display Dell introduced last year. Like that unit, the Z27q has an IPS panel with wide viewing angles. It's calibrated at the factory for the sRGB, Adobe RGB, and BT.709 color spaces. HP claims the Z27q covers 99% of the Adobe spectrum.

Other specs include a 300-cd/m² brightness rating and an 8-ms response time. Dual DisplayPort 1.2 inputs are present, while an integrated USB 3.0 hub offers peripheral connectivity. Expect this monster to sell for $1299 when it arrives in March.

The Z24s

The other high-PPI displays stick to a more traditional 4K resolution of 3840x2160. The Z27s (PDF) spreads that pixel array over a 27" TN panel, while the Z24s (PDF) has 23.8 inches of IPS goodness. Despite the different display technologies, HP claims that both screens produce 1.07 billion colors. The monitors likely use native 8-bit panels that get into 10-bit territory via dithering.

Although the Z27s and Z24s support the sRGB and Adobe RGB color gamuts, HP isn't specific about coverage. Both displays have 300-cd/m² luminance ratings and 1000:1 static contrast ratios. The TN unit's response time clocks in at 6 ms, while the IPS model is rated for a comparatively sluggish 14 ms.

A full suite of digital inputs can be found on each of the 4K monitors. You also get a four-port USB 3.0 hub and a fully adjustable stand. The 27-incher is slated to sell for $749 this month, while its smaller sibling will retail for $549 when it arrives in April.

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