Asus' IPS gaming monitors come in 120Hz, 4K G-Sync flavors

Two new models have been added to Asus' growing stable of gaming monitors. The most exciting is the ROG Swift PG27AQ, a 27" unit with all the right buzzwords: G-Sync, IPS, and 4K.

Source: Asus

Those buzzwords are about all we know about the display right now. Although the PG27AQ supports Nvidia's variable refresh tech, the press release doesn't detail the specific range of refresh rates. Odds are the maximum update frequency is closer to 60Hz than to the 144Hz peak offered by Asus' ROG Swift PG278Q, whose TN panel has a lower 2560x1440 resolution—not that there's anything wrong with that. Even high-end rigs will struggle to maintain 60 FPS when pumping out 4K frames.

The other new gaming monitor is the MG279Q, which exists outside the ROG arena. This 27-incher also has an IPS panel, but the resolution is only 2560x1440.

The MG279Q's refresh rate is fixed rather than adaptive, but it scales up to 120Hz, which is pretty high for an IPS panel. The response time is rated for five milliseconds. Other perks include an integrated USB hub, plus multiple DisplayPort and HDMI inputs. The bezels are "super-narrow," the stand is fully adjustable, and there's a VESA-compatible mount on the back.

Update: We've now learned that the MG279Q supports the DisplayPort 1.2a specification with Adaptive-Sync. Although it's not branded as a FreeSync display, it can synchronize its refresh rate with FreeSync-compatible Radeons.

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