'GeForce GTX 960' cards crop up in online listings

Sunday's Nvidia event was all about the Tegra X1, but Nvidia may also have some new PC graphics hotness in the pipeline. The guys at Videocardz have come across listings and leaked pictures that suggest the rumored GeForce GTX 960 could be out very soon.

The listings were spotted at an Australian e-tailer, and while they've been taken down, Videocardz managed to nab screenshots. The shots show basic model numbers and specs for Asus and "Galax" (I take it that's supposed to be "Galaxy") GeForce GTX 960 variants. Looks like we can expect 2GB of GDDR5 RAM running off a 128-bit memory interface. On the two Galaxy cards, listed speeds are 1178-1228MHz for the GPU and 7010 MT/s for the memory.

The Australian e-tailer quoted availability dates between January 5 and January 22 for the various listings, which may indicate when these cards are actually supposed to launch. The lowest listed price tag was AU$415.80, which works out to $337.28 USD—however, computer hardware tends to be marked up a little in Oz. The rumor mill suggests that the GTX 960 will retail for $249-299 stateside.

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