Rumored 12-inch MacBook Air has Type-C USB, little else

Apple has a history of bold design choices, and that legacy may be evident in the next MacBook Air. According to unofficial pictures and details posted by 9to5Mac, the upcoming 12" laptop has no physical ports except for a single USB Type-C connector and headphone jack.

The Type-C connector presumably doubles as a charging port—making the machine similar, connectivity-wise, to a tablet or phone. I'd expect Apple to sell a (likely pricey) Type-C hub to restore some of the missing ports and connectors. The lack of a micro SD slot will likely irk certain users, and I'm sure others will simply want to, you know, plug in a thumb drive or something while the system is charging.

An adapter or hub may not be able to make up for the missing Thunderbolt connectivity, though. Come to think of it, that's a weird omission considering how aggressively Apple has pushed the tech. Even the current Mac mini has dual Thunderbolt ports.

Otherwise, 9to5Mac says Apple has outfitted the 12" MacBook Air with a new, click-less touchpad and a narrower keyboard with less space between the keys. Above the keyboard sit four grills that, according to the site, are there for the laptop's speakers and to aid cooling. The 12" MacBook Air is supposed to be fanless, however.

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