Sub-$100 Diamond box captures video to SD cards, Ethernet shares

We don't often hear from Diamond, but the company is at this year's CES with some new products, including a curious capture box that can save video content straight to an SD card or an Ethernet share.

The device has HDMI and component analog (YPbPr plus RCA) inputs along with an HDMI output. Other connectivity includes Ethernet and USB, plus the requisite SD card reader slot.

A switch on the front of the device lets users choose between SD capture, Ethernet capture, and HDMI pass-through modes. The Ethernet capture mode can save video straight to a network share, we're told, and it's also possible to live-stream video to Twitch and Ustream.

Diamond didn't give us a name for this magical capture device, but it expects to have the product out later this quarter—and it hopes to charge less than $100.

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