Uber-slim SilverStone Mini-ITX cases can house dual-slot graphics

Generally speaking, slim Mini-ITX cases lack room for full-fledged desktop graphics cards. Not so with SilverStone's new RVZ02 and FTZ01, which both get around that limitation without sacrificing slenderness.

Left: the RVZ02. Right: the FTZ01.

Rear view.

As you can probably guess from the pictures above, both cases fit a dual-slot graphics card by placing it parallel to the motherboard, rather than perpendicular to it. Amazing what you can do with a little clever engineering and a PCIe riser. We didn't grab internal shots of the FTZ01, but here are a couple of the RVZ02:

The RVZ02 is coming in the second quarter and is the slimmer of the two, with a volume of just 10 liters. Despite that distinction, it can house graphics cards up to 11.5" long, including the GeForce GTX 980.

The FTZ01 is closer to release and is a little larger, at 14 liters. SilverStone expects to roll it out later this month with a $129 asking price. This one is made of solid aluminum (hence the metallic finish), and it features a dual-chamber design with slim fans. SilverStone says the FTZ01 is similar to the Falcon Northwest Tiki, which it produced.

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