New Antec cases have stylish looks, noise-reduction features

A trio of new Antec enclosures is on its way. The P380, P70, and P50 run the gamut from ATX to microATX, and all are decked out with noise-reduction features, including side panels layered with high-density polycarbonate to minimize vibration.

The flagship of the series is the P380, which looks like a descendent of the famous P180. This newcomer eschews traditional 5.25" storage to make room for eight tool-less internal bays, which can fit either 3.5" or 2.5" drives. Fans of optical media aren't left out in the cold altogether, though; the P380 also features a single slim-line optical bay. Also note the sideways-facing front-panel ports.

Other amenities include a built-in fan hub that drives three pre-mounted fluid-dynamic-bearing fans. All three of those fans handle exhaust duties: there are two 140-mm ones up top, plus a 120-mm spinner at the back. In total, users can fit up to seven fans, and there's room for 360-mm liquid-cooling radiators at the front and top.

Expect to pay $249 for this beauty when it hits stores in March.

The P70, pictured above, is an entry-level mid-tower with a $69.99 price tag. This offering is already listed on Antec's website, and it appears to follow the same internal template as recent cases from the likes of Corsair and Cooler Master. The focus on noise reduction is evident, though, as rubber grommets line the storage bays, and a removable cover can seal the top vents.

Rounding out the series is the P50, which fits microATX motherboards and has a layout much like Corsair's Carbide Series Air 240, down to the dual-chamber arrangement and outside-facing internal drive bays. This puppy can fit two SSDs, three mechanical hard drives, and a 5.25" optical drive. It has three bundled fans, eight fan mounts in all, and room for two 240-mm radiators. Pretty impressive for a small-form-factor design.

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