ARM SoC fuels remote monitoring in Cooler Master concept PSU

In addition to showing off funky spinning heatsinks, Cooler Master is demoing a new PSU concept at CES this year. The high-end unit combines digital circuitry with an ARM-based processor that enables some interesting capabilities.

Real-time monitoring is a big part of the equation. Users can keep tabs on the PSU using Android and iOS apps that connect via Bluetooth. Those utilities track all sorts of variables, including amps, watts, efficiency, temperatures, and fan speeds. The software knows if the PSU has enough capacity to add another GPU, and it can even determine how the system's energy usage will impact monthly utility bills.

Oh, and fan speed controls are included, too. Gotta have those.

Although the PSU is still in the concept stage, the finished product is expected to arrive in the next six months. Cooler Master is planning 1200W and 1500W versions. Both will come with mobile apps in addition to Windows software that hooks into the PSU via USB.

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