Rosewill shows new-and-improved RK-9000V2 mechanical keyboard

Thanks to their no-nonsense design, attractive pricing, and wide selection of Cherry MX switch types, Rosewill's RK-9000 mechanical keyboards have earned praise from many geeks—including yours truly. At CES this week, Rosewill is showing a new-and-improved version of this enthusiast favorite: the RK-9000V2.

Like its predecessor, the RK-9000V2 has a clean layout and a choice of Cherry MX blue, brown, black, and red switches. Rosewill plans to charge $109.99, a slight premium over the current model. Users won't just be paying for the new name, though. Rosewill promises better reliability, thanks in part to a "heavy metal inner frame chassis," and it's sprinkled in several new features.

The RK-9000V2 has Fn+F key shortcuts for media and audio volume controls. Its F12 key also doubles as a toggle to enable the Windows key, complete with an LED indicator. On top of that, full n-key rollover is available in PS/2 mode. Plugging the keyboard into a USB port limits rollover to 12 keys, however.

Speaking of plugs, Rosewill has switched to an L-shaped Micro-USB connector that should be more durable. By the way, note the Rosewill logo above the numpad—much more understated than the RK-9000's stark white wordmark.

The official launch date is "2014 Q4 / 2015 Q1," according to the placard in Rosewill's CES suite. I assume that means retail availability isn't far off.

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