Quad-core AMD SoC squeezes into pocketable mini PC

Remember Zotac's pocketable "Pico" mini PC? The fanless Bay Trail variant has multiple USB ports, Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet, a mini SD slot, and an HDMI output for under $200. At the Consumer Electronics Show today, Scott caught up with an upcoming version based on AMD's Mullins processor.

Dubbed the PA330, the red team's entry houses a quad-core A4-6400T processor with 1GHz base and 1.6GHz boost frequencies. The chip has a 4.5W TDP, and it sports Radeon R3 graphics with 128 GCN-class ALUs clocked at 350MHz. Odds are the GPU upgrade is responsible for the Mini DisplayPort out, which is missing from the Bay Trail original.

Like its predecessor, the PA330 is equipped with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage. The networking has been upgraded to 802.11ac and Gigabit Ethernet, though, making the system even more intriguing for in-home Steam streaming rig. The hardware should be potent enough for HTPC and possibly even light local gaming duties, as well.

Although the spec sheet doesn't list an operating system, Zotac will likely ship the machine with a Bing-ified version of Windows 8.1, like it does with the current Pico. We don't have pricing information, but availability is scheduled for March.

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