Rat Pro gaming mouse has swappable sensor, analog side scrolling

The Rat 7 is the most customizable mouse I've ever used, and it's been my daily driver for more than four year. I love the thing, but it may soon be time for a replacement, because Mad Catz has developed a Rat Prox that takes things to a whole 'nother level. The mouse debuted at CES this week, celebrating five years since the original was introduced at the show.

Source: Mad Catz

The Prox looks like an Insecticon, and it's quite the Transformer. A modular bay sits in the underbelly, letting users swap sensors to suit their personal preferences. Check it out:

Mad Catz says sensor modules can be changed "in literally seconds," and it sounds like optical and laser units will be available at the outset. The press release also mentions upgrades to new sensors down the road.

Wheel customization options include three removeable tires with different tread patterns. The scroller's "click force" is adjustable, and there's an "analog strafe" feature that seems to be a fancier form of horizontal scrolling. Mad Catz claims this capability allows gamers to "delicately peak [sic] out from cover." It probably works well for navigating large spreadsheets and images, too.

On top of all that, the Rat Prox comes with a handful of different palm, thumb, and pinkie rests. I also see what look like swappable base plates. Too bad there's no evidence of multiple color options. The neon green won't work for everyone.

I can't find any information on pricing or availability, but I've pinged Mad Catz for more details.

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