We got owned in a two-watt Quake III deathmatch

Of all Scott's dispatches from the Consumer Electronics Show this week, the one from Imagination Technologies is the most unusual. Our editor on the ground played some Quake III Arena on the Creator CI20, a MIPS-based alternative to the Raspberry Pi. "I feel like younger me just got owned," his notes read.

The Creator is based on an Ingenic SoC with dual 1.2GHz CPU cores and PowerVR SGX540 graphics. The low-power platform pulled just 2.15W during the deathmatch.

If you're Krogoth'd by running Quake III on a MIPS SoC, perhaps you'll be impressed by Doom on Intel's tiny Edison module:

More details on that impressive feat are available here. And no, neither platform runs Crysis.

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