$105 unlocked Kaveri quad coming to FM2+

Although AMD's next-gen Carrizo APU isn't coming to desktops, the company is prepping a new Kaveri-based processor for the FM2+ crowd. The A6-7650K has quad Steamroller cores with 3.3GHz base and 3.7GHz Turbo clocks. The CPU multipliers are unlocked for easy overclocking, while GCN-class Radeon integrated graphics ride shotgun.

Source: AMD

Those six GPU "cores" in the spec table refer to compute units, each of which has 64 shader processors. That's 384 SPs in total, the same as for the A6-7600 we reviewed this time last year.

Pricing is set at $105, effectively undercutting the 7700K, which is only 100MHz faster at stock frequencies. AMD says the A6-7650K is due toward the end of this month or early next.

While talking the company at the Consumer Electronics Show, we learned a little more about the A68H, a recent addition to its A-series chipset lineup. This scaled-back I/O hub is limited to four SATA 6Gbps and two USB 3.0 ports. It was introduced last year, and it's already selling on a couple of Asus boards priced under $69.

Although RAID 5 is off the table, the old Promise RAID firmware has been swapped for fresh code from Dot Hill. AMD claims the new firmware's performance is up to snuff. More importantly, perhaps, the Dot Hill tech supports Trim for SSDs in striped RAID 0 arrays. Maybe it's time for an SSD RAID face-off against something from the Intel camp.

Since the new RAID goodness is just a firmware update for existing silicon, it's possible that FM2+ boards based on other chipsets are eligible for upgrades. Some may have even received them already. We're waiting for confirmation from AMD on the exact details.

Update: AMD has confirmed that its A88X, A78, and A68H chipsets all feature Dot Hill RAID.

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