Report: Win10's Spartan browser to have tab grouping, Cortana, annotations

Last month, the rumor mill broke the news about Spartan, a lightweight web browser Microsoft is said to be developing for Windows 10. The guys at The Verge have now learned some fresh details, and they name three features that could distinguish Spartan from the competition.

The first one, annotations, will allow users with stylus-laden tablets to doodle on pages and share their annotations on OneDrive. Microsoft apparently has collaboration in mind here.

Cortana integration will be on the menu, as well. The Verge says users will be able to ask the voice-activated assistant about "flights, hotel bookings, package tracking, and other data within the traditional address bar." We already know Cortana will be built into Windows 10, so an appearance in Spartan makes sense.

Finally, The Verge mentions a tab grouping feature. This wouldn't be a first—Opera has had similar functionality for some time—but it could distinguish Spartan from Chrome and Firefox, which don't let users group tabs out of the box.

We might learn more about all this on January 21. That's the date Microsoft has set for its next Windows 10 event, during which it will unveil the upcoming operating system's "consumer experience."

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