Evidence points to Radeon R9 380X with high-bandwidth memory

New evidence suggests AMD is working on a Radeon R9 380X GPU with high-bandwidth memory. The latest nuggets come from an unlikely source: the LinkedIn profiles of two AMD staffers apparently linked to the project. References to the GPU were spotted by a member of the 3D Center forums.

The 380X is mentioned by name in the profile of Ilana Shternshain, an ASIC physical design engineer "responsible for full-chip timing methodology and closure for AMD's most exciting chips." Those chips include the PlayStation 4's SoC, the Radeon R9 290X discrete GPU, and the R9 380X, which is described as the "largest in 'King of the hill' line of products."

The second reference doesn't call out the 380X by name, but it does mention high-bandwidth memory specifically. AMD system architect manager Linglan Zhang claims to have had a hand in developing "the world’s first 300W 2.5D discrete GPU SOC using stacked die High Bandwidth Memory and silicon interposer."

Entries in online résumés fall short of official confirmation, but they do seem more reliable than the usual rumors. We shouldn't have to wait too long to see if this information is accurate. AMD is expected to introduce the R9 380X early this year.

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