Xbox chief further teases Windows 10 announcement

We already know that, next Wednesday, Xbox chief Phil Spencer will talk about PC gaming at Microsoft's Windows 10 consumer event. The details of the announcement remain under wraps, but Spencer provided some hints in a two-minute video yesterday. The interesting bit starts at 1:32:

Here's a transcript for the lazy:

I'm excited to be talking on January 21st. We have speakers coming up talking about Windows 10 and the great work that we're doing there. For the Xbox team, this is the beginning of our discussion with fans about the work that we're doing to bring gaming into the Windows 10 operating system. It's really nice to finally get to be able to talk about this. We'll continue the conversation throughout the year. We remain committed to gaming on console, but we know that we have fans and gamers that also play on PC and phone, and it's important that we build out the features that we have, learning from what we've done on console and helping make Windows 10 the best operating system we've ever created for gamers on PCs.

So, yeah, some kind of cross-pollination between the Xbox and PC is definitely in the works. Given that the Xbox One is basically an x86 PC under the hood, Microsoft has some nice opportunities there. Here's hoping they make good use of them.

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