Steam update adds non-beta Steam Broadcasting, FPS counter

A new version of Valve's Steam client has been released. The list of changes and additions is fairly long; most notably, the update makes Steam Broadcasting available to all (not just those who opt in to the beta), and it adds an FPS counter to the Steam overlay.

Valve has also polished off that data loss bug in the Linux client. The bug reared its head when users moved their Steam directories and the program subsequently failed to start. Some users reported all of their personal files being deleted.

Steam Broadcasting is the headline feature in this update, though. First introduced in beta form early last month, this feature is essentially Valve's take on game streaming. Users can broadcast their gaming sessions live on the Steam website (or in the Steam client), complete with chat feeds and audio commentary. As Geoff pointed out last month, however, there doesn't seem to be an option for webcam feed integration.

Otherwise, the release notes for this update outline a good number of bug fixes. Most of them pertain to Steam's Big Picture mode, In-Home Streaming, and general functionality. You can peruse the full list here.

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