Report: Acer prepping curved 34'' display with G-Sync

Fans of curved, ultra-wide displays may soon be able to get one with Nvidia's variable refresh mojo. According to TFT Central, Acer is developing a curved 34-incher with support for G-Sync refresh rates up to 144Hz.

The Predator XR341CK will reportedly have a 3440x1440 resolution, and there may be more than one version. The site also mentions possible variants with a lower 2560x1080 resolution and fixed refresh rate. A FreeSync unit doesn't appear to be in the cards, though.

There's no word on the panel technology behind the rumored displays. LG already offers a curved 34" IPS display with a 3440x1440 resolution, but that monitor tops out at only 60Hz, so the underlying panel probably isn't fast enough for the Predator. Support for higher refresh rates is fairly rare in IPS territory, making TN tech a more likely candidate. That said, we've yet to see a curved display based on TN tech.

If Acer's curved Predator does exist, we should learn more about it in the spring. Mass production is set for the second quarter, TFT Central says, and availability should follow soon thereafter.

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