EVGA unleashes four new ambidextrous gaming mice

At last year's CES, we got our first look at EVGA's Torq X10 Carbon, a stylish gaming mouse with an ambidextrous design. EVGA has now supplemented that mouse with four new rodents, each of which combines similar ambidextrousness with more modest specs—and lower prices. One of the new arrivals, the Torq X3L, is available exclusively at Best Buy for only $39.99.

Mouse Model number Sensor LED type Switch type
TORQ X5L 901-X1-1051-KR Laser 8200 DPI RGB Omron 20m
TORQ X5 902-X2-1052-KR Optical 6400 DPI RGB Omron 20m
TORQ X3L 901-X1-1031-KB Laser 5000 DPI RGB Omron 10m
TORQ X3 902-X2-1032-KR Optical 4000 DPI Red Omron 10m

Along with the Torq X3L come the Torq X3, Torq X5, and Torq X5L. You can see how the four mice compare in the table above. All of them also feature eight buttons (including on-the-fly DPI adjustment), onboard storage capacity for as many as five profiles, and 1000Hz polling. And they all ship with EVGA's Unleash software, which lets users control the RGB LED lighting and switch between left- and right-handed modes, among other things.

You can view a full run-down of specs and features—plus some glamour shots—on this page. I'm not seing the Torq X3, X5, or X5L listed at Newegg yet, but the e-tailer has the high-end Torq X10 Carbon on offer for $79.99.

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