TR subscribers get early access to Homeworld Remastered beta

You may have seen some cryptic posts around here in recent weeks urging TR subscribers to, you know, do that stuff about the thing. Confusing, I know, but now that it's public knowledge, I can tell you what we've been doing behind the scenes.

TR subscribers are getting early access to a limited, private beta for the Homeworld Remastered Collection's multiplayer component. Those who choose to participate will also get a nice incentive courtesy of the folks at Gearbox Software: a full copy of the entire Homeworld Remastered Collection once it's released.

Yep, I'm talking about this:

If you're currently a TR subscriber and would like to join the beta, it's not too late. We've extended the deadline to the end of the day tomorrow: Thursday, January 29. Just follow the instructions in this forum thread in the Smoky Back Room in order to sign up.

Those folks who are not yet TR subscribers, well, you've missed out on this opportunity. We can't accept applications for this beta from new subscribers. I'd still encourage you to go subscribe now so you don't miss out on any future perks of this sort. You'll also get a nice slate of perks on the site, like single-page view for long articles—and you can pay what you want to subscribe.

Thanks to Gearbox Software for making this amazing opportunity available to the TR community!

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