Report: AMD plans Kaveri refresh for June-July time frame

We already know that AMD's next-gen Carrizo APU isn't coming to the desktop. What we don't know is where that leaves AMD's APU lineup this year.

The guys at SweClockers think they know the answer. They say AMD is prepping a refresh of the Kaveri family for a release in June or July of this year. Code-named Godavari, this refresh will apparently mirror the Richland rollout we saw in 2013. Richland was based on the same silicon as the previous year's Trinity family, but it raised clock speeds—sometimes substantially so.

Sure enough, SweClockers has specs for a Godavari-based A10-8850K processor, which looks like a souped-up A10-7850K. The A10-8850K apparently pushes the peak Turbo speed from 4GHz to 4.1GHz and the base graphics speed from 720MHz to 856MHz, but it's otherwise identical to the A10-7850K, down to the 95W thermal envelope.

Word is that AMD has a dozen Godavari APUs in the pipeline, all of which should work in existing Socket FM2+ motherboards after a firmware update. If SweClockers' info is accurate, I'd expect AMD to play up the straightforward upgrade path and faster integrated graphics. The company may need more than higher clock speeds to compete with Intel's Broadwell CPUs, though.

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