Intel refreshes high-endurance server SSDs with 20-nm NAND

Consumer SSDs aren't the only ones that get periodic NAND updates. Intel has also refreshed some of its server-grade drives. The new DC S3710 and S3610 Series both employ a high-endurance variant of Intel's own 20-nm MLC NAND.

As its name implies, the S3710 succeeds the S3700, which was introduced back in 2012 with 25-nm NAND. The older drive is based on a proprietary Intel controller with a 6Gbps host link, and the new model uses an updated version of that chip. The top capacity is up from 800GB to 1.2TB.

Intel rates the S3710 Series for up to 550MB/s sequential reads and 520MB/s sequential writes, plus up to 85k IOps with random reads and 45k with random writes—healthy boosts over the 500/460 MB/s and 75k/36k IOps specced for the S3700. The endurance rating is unchanged at 10 drive writes per day for the length of the five-year warranty. That works out to an astounding 24.3 petabytes for the 1.2TB flagship.

While the S3710 fills out the upper tier, the S3610 Series is billed as a "mid-level" datacenter drive. The five-year warranty is the same, and so is the 0.44% annualized failure rate. Endurance is only pegged at three drive writes per day, but that's still better than the entry-level S3500, which is good for less than one full write per day.

True to its mid-tier focus, the S3610 isn't quite as speedy as the S3710. Most of the peak rates are comparable, but random writes top out at 28k IOps. As for pricing, the S3610 ranges from $1.05-1.07 per gig, while the S3710 lists for $1.50-1.59.

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