You've goat to check out Silicon Power's new thumb drive

Do boring-looking storage devices get your goat? Then it behooves you to check out Silicon Power's new Unique 550, which is themed after the Chinese New Year:

No, Silicon Power isn't kidding. Just read the company's pitch—it'll make you go doe-eyed:

Featuring an adorable goat figure with eye-catching curved horn, Unique 550 pours novelty and energy into daily routines. It magically sweeps away worries and stress at work and studies, and it stands out to be a mind-healing and sweet mood-booster. On top of that, the innovative packaging which imitates goats grazing in lush green pastures comes with an artificial turf and a fence to create a vivid and pleasant view for your office. This cute goat-shaped USB flash drive not only stores data but adds a lively twist to work and study environments.

The Unique 550 stuffs 8GB or 16GB of storage behind a USB 2.0 interface. Its rubber casing is "sturdy," waterproof, and vibration-proof, so you can ram the drive into USB ports without fear. While Silicon Power doesn't quote pricing, the specs tell me this thing won't cost big bucks. Looks like a perfect storage medium for your Goat Simulator saves.

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