Mobile G-Sync is coming, won't require custom display module

Desktop monitors currently require custom hardware to work with Nvidia's G-Sync tech. Mobile implementations are also on the way, and they reportedly won't share that requirement. Indeed, a leaked driver circulating online already unlocks the feature on Asus' G751 gaming notebook.

PC Perspective has the goods on this intriguing story, including hands-on testing with the G751. According to the site, the leaked drivers identify the notebook's display as a G-Sync-compatible unit despite the absence of Nvidia's custom module. The variable refresh mojo works, too: "everything looked great – smooth steady pans with no juddering or tearing."

Although G-Sync works on that machine, there are some issues. PC Perspective detected flickering at lower frame rates, and the system suffered intermittent drop-outs that caused the entire display to go blank momentarily. The leaked driver was reportedly provided to notebook makers for testing purposes, so it appears to be a work in progress.

It's legit, though. Nvidia confirmed to PC Perspective that a mobile version of G-Sync is coming—and that it won't require custom hardware. However, there will be "experience differences between desktop and mobile iterations of the technology." Some of those differences are surely tied to Nvidia's G-Sync module.

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